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EIFS Removal
EIFS HouseEIFS House after Brick Recladding

Homeowner Questions - EIFS Remediation
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EIFS Damage Pictures
History of EIFS
EIFS Removal/Brick Installation
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History of EIFS

During the past 10 years there has been a housing boom for which we may never see again.  Part of this increased demand for housing has lead architects and builders to find new ways of cladding the exterior of homes.  Unfortunately, one of the products used was Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS).  EIFS is a non-load bearing exterior wall cladding designed to be attached to wall sheathing with an adhesive or mechanical fastener.  The system typically used in residential construction is categorized as non-drainable or barrier type system.  The system consists of four components:

1.  Panels of expanded polystyrene foam insulation glued, screwed, or nailed to the substrate.

2.  A base coat that is troweled over the foam insulation panels.

3.  A glass fiber reinforcing mesh that is laid over the polystyrene insulation panels and fully embedded in the base coat.

4.  A finish coat that is troweled over the base coat and the reinforcing mesh.

EIFS Problems

The inherent problem with the system is that once water penetrates the surface of the cladding, the system has no way of weeping or letting the water return to the exterior of the house.  Without a mechanism for allowing the water to return to the exterior of the house, the water remains in contact with the sheathing and structural members of the house and eventually will cause rotting due to excessive moisture levels.

Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC structural engineers can provide solutions for EIFS clad houses.  These may include damage assessment reports, maintenance guidelines, and removal of EIFS.  We are fully insured with Workman's Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

EIFS Contractor

Q.  Has your contractor installed EIFS and if so, what were their technical qualifications to determine if an EIFS system would be an appropriate house covering?

A.  Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC has never installed EIFS on any project because it was apparent many years ago that the product was defective.  It is interesting to note that contractors who installed EIFS on homes are now wanting your business to remove it.

Q.  Ask your contractor how many EIFS removal projects they have completed.

A.  Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC has successfully removed EIFS on over 20 projects and has consulted and inspected more than 50 homes.  The staff has registered engineers and home inspectors on staff and can provide valuable structural remediation for your project.  We have more experience in EIFS removal, testing, and inspection than any Company in the Birmingham area.

Q.  If you are involved in a lawsuit related to an EIFS home, would your contractor be able to testify on your behalf for the EIFS removal process and findings as an expert witness?

A.  Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC has extensive experience working with attorneys as an expert witness due to our qualification as engineers, our significant knowledge of the product and application, and years of experience.

Q.  Where can I find a list of similar projects you have done?

A.  You can view pictures of completed projects or contact us to talk with one of our engineers about the process involved and how we can make your project unique.

Q.  Can you give me some client and business references that I can call?

A.  Please contact us for business and client references.

Q.  Can you send me a more detailed qualifications package.

A.  Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC would be glad to send you qualifications of our employees.  Please contact us.

EIFS Removal / Brick Installation

Remove existing landscaping and temporarily replant
Replant landscaping after brick installation and utilities reinstated
Remove all EIFS
Replace EIFS freeze board with paint grade 1x6 cedar freeze board
Remove debris and place in landfill
Disconnect/reconnect electrical/cable/satellite/air conditioning, etc.
Extend hose bibs and other protrusions from house
Remove and replace gutters
Remove and replace deck
Prepare engineered foundation to support brick
Felt entire house with 30# felt paper
Supply and install brick for house and retaining walls
Supply and install cement or cedar siding on all areas not bricked
Paint all cement or cedar siding
Paint and caulk all exterior trim/windows
Remove and reinstall sprinklers near house

EIFS Manufacturers

W.R. Bonsal Company
Dryvit Systems, Inc. or Dryvit Homes
Master Wall, Inc.
Omega Products International, Inc.
Parex, Inc.
Preswitt Manufacturing Ltd.
Senergy Inc.
Sto Corp.
H.B. Fuller Company
Teifs Wall Systems
United States Gypsum

Damage to EIFS Houses

The following pictures are from homes in Birmingham, Alabama with EIFS cladding.  These are untouched pictures depicting the very extensive damage which can occur in a home which is between 2 and 6 years old.  You may click on the picture to enlarge it.

Rotting around electrical penetration

Rotting at window sill and jambs

Rotting and termite damage at window sill

Rotting at roof-wall juncture

Rotting at roof-wall juncture and dead roof valley

Rotting around electrical penetration

eifs10.jpg (45919 bytes)
Termite damage at window sill

eifs11.jpg (74501 bytes)
Water damage at floor band

eifs12.jpg (61235 bytes)
Water damage at floor band

eifs13.jpg (57514 bytes)
Water damage at bay window

eifs14.jpg (53040 bytes)
Water damage causing dry rotting of OSB sheathing and structural damage to window header

eifs15.jpg (66940 bytes)
Water damage to OSB sheathing

Water and termite damage at window sill

Extensive water damage on bay window

Complete deterioration of sheathing and window header

Water damage at roof-wall-window intersection

Water and termite damage below upper roof

Water and termite damage below upper roof

Water penetration leading to termite damage

Water penetration leading to termite damage

Home after stripping EIFS and applying new felt paper

Termites eating through fiber board siding

Termites can destroy the structural integrity of a 2x4

EIFS Projects